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Cleanroom Construction

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Cleanroom Construction

Clean room Technology is a system to make your working environment clean or avoid contamination , Its used in manufacturing , storage, packing , including of pharmaceutical products , scientific research i.e. Animal Housing Labs & Vivarium's, Cannabis Cultivation Rooms, CMM Rooms, Controlled & Critical Environments, E-Cigarette Manufacturing, Environmental Enclosures, Fab Labs, Gown Rooms, GMP Rooms, IV Rooms, Laboratories, Machine Enclosures, Metrology Labs, Microelectronics Manufacturing, Nano Technology, Oil Mist Enclosures, Packaging Rooms, Paint System Enclosures, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Powder Coating Enclosures, Printing Rooms, Storage Rooms, USP 797 Clean Rooms, USP 800 Clean Rooms and aerospace semiconductor engineering applications with a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors.

Axenic System haddemonstrated a full working knowledge of cleanroom principles, procedures, materials, and practices. We have understanding of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) design process and the specialized HVAC equipment involved in maintaining space conditions of temperature, humidity, and pressure within the cleanroom.

The cleanroom Manufacturer, with the responsibility to design and construct the cleanroom facility in a timely manner and within budget, must consider.

Turnkey Cleanrooms
  • At what cleanliness level and in what locations are cleanliness levels required? This is highly dependent on the type of process which will be conducted in the cleanroom.
  • What floor plan works best for the process being conducted? Does the process require multiple rooms and of what cleanliness level? Is a gowning room or ante room required?
  • Where are the critical work areas located and how will they be affected by the location of the HEPA or ULPA filters and the airflow pattern in the room?
  • What environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity are required in the clean space and will those requirements vary in the future?
  • Is there a full understanding of the complexity of HVAC design to meet the tight temperature, humidity, and pressure specifications of a cleanroom?
  • What are the heat loads due to number of people and equipment loads in the space?
  • Are pass thru units or air showers required to isolate various areas from cleanroom to cleanroom or non-cleanroom to cleanroom?
  • Materials of construction for walls, ceiling, and floor and their compatibility with the process requirements must be evaluated. The output from your cleanroom could easily be directly related to the amount the materials out-gas or how well the materials dissipate static electricity.
  • Is there sufficient space above the proposed ceiling for light and HEPA or ULPA filter units and the required mechanical distribution system?
  • Design and coordinate fire protection and any process requirements from electrical requirements to gas or liquid requirements.
  • Design the wall system, taking into consideration material required and location and size of doors, windows, and other openings such as return grilles.
  • Correctly identify the size and location of the filters, the air supply, and the air return to properly distribute clean air throughout the space.
  • Light level must meet customer specific light level needs within the space and OSHA requirements.
  • What are the requirements for process piping or electronic communications with the cleanroom?
  • What temperature, humidity, and pressure controls, monitors and network connections are required?

The cleanroom manufacturer can engineer, design, and fabricate the facility with a high degree of quality, on time, and at budget.

Axenic System as the industry leader in the fields of design and construction of cleanrooms, and with over years of experience, will lead you to successfully completing a cleanroom project without the perils and pitfalls of a first time builder. Don't try doYourself" approach us as you will end up underperforming, over budget, and beyond a predicted time line.