Cleanroom Installation

Cleanroom Installation

Cleanroom Installation Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter

Manufacturing high integrity Cleanroom Installation in Mumbai-India

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Cleanroom Installation

Axenic System Cleanroom Systems are designed and detailed for ease of clean room installation and functionality, while manufacturing modular flexibility. Whether you are adding-on, modifying an existing facility, or constructing a new facility, the proper wall system and materials are available to suit your specific application.

Axenic System Avail the quickest, easiest cleanroom construction
  • Modular Field Assembly
  • Modular Preassembly
  • Soft Wall Construction
  • Conventional Hard Wall Construction

Our Cleanroom System can be integrated with a wide range of new or existing systems to coordinate any cleanroom facility or manufacturing environment. Made easy construction methods and our non-progressive system will improve overall construction time, less impact on your current production, and provide you with flexibility to add-on or change your cleanroom configuration with ease.

All our equipment's are checked according to code and regulatory compliance, acoustical and thermal performance, as well as chemical and abrasion resistance.

Turn-Key Cleanroom Installation
  • Modular Cleanrooms
  • LEED Cleanrooms
  • Sofwall Cleanrooms
  • Medical Device Cleanrooms
  • USP 797 Cleanroom Compliance

Axenic System installation crews offer on-site support during construction that brings Turn-Key Projects experience to your project. We can mobilize our team to your assignment in across the India and the world.

Our highly skilled installation crews offer complete installation for modular and conventional construction, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler systems, standard and access flooring, plus cleanroom testing and certification.