Powder Handling & Containment Systems

Powder Handling & Containment Systems

Powder Handling & Containment Systems Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter

Manufacturing high integrity Powder Handling & Containment Systems in Mumbai-India

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Powder Handling & Containment Systems

Axenic system is based in Mumbai-India; we are established manufacturer, supplier and exporter in this clean room business. To make your products not affected or contaminated by environment is one of the three pillars we set our company on. Because of this, we developed turn-key solutions for industries like yours who require the most stringent specification in clean and sterile environments.

Experienced : professional Turnkey Complete Cleanrooms, Modular Cleanrooms, Modular Hard wall clean Rooms, Modular Softwall Clean Rooms, Modular Dry Clean room or Dry Cleanroom, LEED Cleanroom, Medical Device Cleanrooms, USP797 USP800 Cleanroom, Cleanroom Ceilings, Cleanroom Wall Systems, Cleanroom Equipment (Industrial Pre Filters, Mini Pleat HEPA Filters, Vertical Flow Clean Rooms, Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Air Flow, Air Handling Unit, Double Skin Type Air Handling Unit, Laminar Downflow Clean Air Work Station or Vertical Laminar air flow, Horizontal Laminar Air Flow, Axenic Flush Windows, Powder Handling & Containment Systems) design, manufacturing, installation and certification since 2000. We had built more than 100 cleanrooms. Axenic System Quality construction: We manufacture all our components in house. Installation is done by our factory team. We will design, manufacture and install a custom cleanroom based on your application.

Axenic system is a pioneer of contained powder handling and containment System with over 18 years of experience designing and engineering advanced containment processes from small-scale production to full process systems.

Axenic System support global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries with complete quality and safety assured contained powder handling and containment system for highly robust and valuable products.

Axenic System provides 3D models and full-scale product mock-ups of your chosen containment equipment. This allows ergonomic aspects to be addressed and the placement of process equipment to be reviewed and modified prior to production. We assured reliable manufacture quality through precision built systems designed for performance longevity.